Mitchel Musso joins Pheed

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Mitchel Musso has recently joined Pheed. You can follow his Pheed account, @MitchelMusso, and view his videos here. Are you following Mitchel?

Mitchel Musso supports the Move With Me Campaign

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Mitchel posted on Twitter his support of friend Leah Kalish’s quest to end childhood obesity. Check out all about the Move With Me Campaign at here.

My idea to end obesity is simple: Produce affordable, easy to use, totally fun, developmentally appropriate video enrichment classes taught by experts.  Start with early childhood and then expand to elementary school.  Why?  To give parents/teachers a way to actually and immediately start to fulfill the Let’s Move mandate and the Head Start Health standards regardless of family/school limitations due to funding, work schedules, training, space, outdoor environment, weather, etc.

Mitchel Musso supports Obama

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Mitchel Musso took to his twitter on Election Day to show his support for President Barack Obama. He tweeted -

Obama Obama Obama!!!!! I’m so excited AHAHAHAHAHA MY MAN!!!

Mitchel Musso Tweets Photos

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In his down time, Mitchel has been sharing photos with his fans via Twitter. Check them out below!

Pair of Kings up for 2012 Emmy

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Disney XD has some good news for Pair of Kings! They received a 2012 Emmy Award nod. Disney made the exciting announcement via Twitter. The show previously starrred Mitchel Musso, who left the series after being arrested for  DUI.

What do you think of the new episodes of Pair of Kings not featuring Mitchel?